Special Power Masks


 Today Ally taught her first lesson. Her lesson was creating masks that gave the students special powers. In this photo Ally shows here students masks from various cultures such as, Alaska, Canada, and Africa.

As teachers we will all run into the dreaded technology meltdown. Minutes before class started Ally realized her PowerPoint was e-mail incorrectly, and half of her presentation was missing. She was able to keep her composure and decided to use the paint application on the smart board instead.

 Ally kept students engaged by allowing them to draw their interpretations of symmetry on the smart board. Ally’s ability to problem solve quickly under stressful conditions was very impressive.

     After the slide show Ally transitioned the lesson towards having the students create preparatory drawings of their masks. This was a great way to incorperate literacy into the lesson. It also helped students envision their final product rather than simply jumping into the plaster process.

 This student explained that her mask would help her save the environment. She also explained that she would use calm colors such as blue, purple, and green, because nature is calm.

 Ally gave an informative demo on how to create the plaster masks. I was impressed with Ally at the end of the demo, she asked, “Are there any questions? If we begin working will you know what to do?” These simple questions were very useful in evaluating if what she had just taught was understood by the students. I wonder if instead of doing the demo on the floor she should have done the demo on a large table; that way students could gather around more evenly and she would be able to see everyone.

I asked what term we would use if both horns were exactly the same on both sides, reinforcing the lesson onsymmetry. Then we discussed what we would define D’s mask as a-symmetricalbecause it was a little uneven. When talking with D and E about symmetry our conversation then moved on to relate to other aspects within our lives, and that it is ok to accept a little imperfection. This was a good moment for me because the three of us were able to use the concepts within the art room to talk about life lessons.

Students work collaboratively in order to finish D’s mask on time.

D describe his work as, “Something I have seen before in the movies only I changed the spikes to make my own mask.”

Clean up was the weak point of the lesson once again. Ally, Jackie, and Tanner were left to clean up some of the left over mess as students filed out the door for recess.